Tuesday, June 18, 2013

10 Things You Don't Know About Your Favorite Blogger

Ahhh....I love these types of games.  I assume that I am your favorite blogger.  If I'm not pretend I am and let me keep thinking that way. ;o)  Here are some things that a lot of people don't know about me.  I tried to keep it interesting.

1)  I am afraid of water parks - well I'm afraid of what's in the water at the water parks.  You know that not ALL of the kids get out to go to the bathroom...and I've personally seen a baby's swimmy diaper LEAK after a bowel movement!  It's a total gross factor for me.  I know that they are really fun, but after taking my Infectious Diseases course in college it was ruined.

2)  My lifelong dream is to spend a substantial amount of time in the Amazon Rain Forest.  And I want a Pygmy Marmoset.  One day...

3)  I still prefer books with pictures. :o)

4) I am addicted to chocolate.  Seriously.  And I hide it from the kids.  Is that wrong???

5) I love picnics.

6) I can name all of the local insects down to the Family and most of them down to the Genus.  I'm an Entomology nerd.

7) I've eaten insects before - on purpose.

8) I do not wear heels of any type.  Ever.  Not happenin'  I am WAY too clumsy to add height to my fall.

9) I have a thing for big, gaudy hats.  I just like them.  And I want them all.

10) Annnnnnddddd  I used to have a belly button ring.  It turned out that pregnancy and belly button rings don't go together very well - so it's gone now.

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