Friday, June 14, 2013

Bargains, baby, bargains...

Oh, yes, I do love a good bargain.  I hit up two uber cheap places today and although I didn't get exactly what I went for I did not leave unhappy.  First, I stopped in at the Dollar Tree.  I had some Pinterest projects in mind.  I got the black coffee cup for the project HERE.  And I always stock up on toothbrushes when I go there.  This Dollar Tree also gets the leftover bread from other stores each day.  I got three loaves of Captain John Derst bread and also a pack of Kaiser Buns for only $1 each - much better than the $3.59 price tags on them! (Did you know you can freeze bread? You totally can.)  The last time I was there I saw some cute little buckets that I should have gotten then.  Because when I went to get them today they were all gone. :o(  Have you ever done that?  You know, went to a store and saw something you'd like to get but decided not to?  Then when you get home you really wish you had gotten them?  I do that all the time.  The cashier said that she believed they would get more in so I'm hoping that I can get them next time.

My next stop was the new Goodwill that opened up next to the Dollar Tree.  That's where the real magic happened.  I had never been in this one and was curious what goodies I would find.  It's like treasure hunting to me.  I was super happy to find three vintage muffin pans mighty similar to the ones I had been eyeing on Etsy for $14 each.  Matter of fact when I saw them I screamed a little.  Yes, I was that excited.  They go great with all of my vintage baking stuff!  I also got two baskets for my "basket problem."  And, yes, I got some clothes.  All but two still had tags on them.  Score!  Here's the rundown on my purchase:

(2) Vintage Aluminum Mini Muffin Tins $.99 each

(1) Vintage Aluminum Regular Muffin Tin $1.99

(2) baskets $1.99 each

(1) pair of GAP Denim Bermuda Shorts $3.99 - new with tags (originally $49.95)

(1) pair of khaki shorts $3.99

(1) short sleeve violet ruffle shirt $1.94 (50% off $3.89)

(1) GAP short sleeve black shirt $3.89 - new with tags (originally $26.95)

(1) Jeanne Pierre cable sweater $3.89 - new with tags (originally $58.00)

(1) Spense Petite short sleeve knotted front shirt $3.89 - new with tags (originally $48)

So, after my military discount I only paid $26.58!

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