Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hunting Island State Park

When I was growing up we would go camping on Hunting Island.  Every time we went I would haul home tons of dead sand dollars.  The club championship is next weekend and my hubby has been spending a lot of time practicing.  He's determined to keep his title as Club Champion.  Anyway, he decided that he would stay home with us yesterday and do some good old "Family Stuff."  He said we could do whatever I wanted.  Well, it hit me that the kids needed a sand dollar stash so I decided on Hunting Island.  I thought it wouldn't be too crowded since summer is really kind of over, but I was wrong.  There was way too many people on the main beach.  We went down to the Nature Center and checked out the animals and exhibits then we walked down one of the trails to another part of the island that people don't usually go to.
My mini me loves all animals.

On the trail we came across this sign:

I was confused as to what the sign could be referring to and then we got to the beach that looked like this:

Ahhhh, some people might not like it, but I did!  I thought it was awesome and the kids had a blast playing on the trees and finding critters in the wave pools.  I didn't find any sand dollars, but it was still fun and I know that these memories with my babies will last forever.

These two fight like cats and dogs, but their love for each other is deep. <3 p="">
Fiddler Crab fights are fun to watch.

We left the park after grabbing some Root Beers from the gift shop.  We tried to get on Fripp Island to see the deer - which are so used to people they eat out of your hand, but they wouldn't let us on. It's a "Totally Private Island" we were told at the gate.  Snobs.  Then we headed to my mecca - The Hilton Head Tanger Outlets.  Bliss.  Well, as much bliss as can be expected with two very tired and very active small children and an 11 year old boy who hates shopping.  I have learned that the serious shopping should be left for days without the kiddos.
Oh, and for reference you can get the $5 coupon booklets for free with military ID or AARP cards.  Sweet.

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